[Short stories]

Top image: Phra Nang Beach, Krabi, Thailand, 6.30pm, 23 January 2012.

‘Sweat Memories. Sweet Memories.’
Published online at Worn Stories edited by Emily Spivack, NYC. From a longer story published in The Memory of Clothes, Robyn Gibson (Ed.), 2015, © SensePublications (Rotterdam).

De Hart male briefs, 100% nylon, Harlem, NYC, 1981.

Clothes take on part of the wearer, a memory by way of perspiration, blood, or traces of other bodily liquids, evident through a scent or stain. Small scenarios like that particularly apply to our intimate wear. Sweat, urine and preseminal and vaginal fluids leaking a little into our underclothes . . .  [See Worn Stories]

‘Sweet Memories of Scent and Sweat’, in The Memory of Clothes
Published in the book The Memory of Clothes, Robyn Gibson (Ed.), 2015, 29 writers and stories, 178pp. © SensePublications (Rotterdam, Boston, Taipei) and authors.

The sweet smell of her sex on me — hers and mine mixed together — would not only keep the memory alive the following day, but maintain partial arousal as well. Sometimes I’d call her and say in a half-whisper: ‘I still have you on me’, meaning both on my flesh and fabric. I’d shower later, just before her scent turned sour. Such is the power of these things . . .
[See SensePublishers and Amazon]

The bar on Phra Nang beach


Rayavadee bar and restaurant, Phra Nang beach, January 2012. Photo: Ian Were

It’s a warm Saturday evening in mid-January and I order a glass of wine at the best sunset bar on the most perfect beach in Thailand. It’s the kind of bar on the kind of beach where bright Thai pop or dark European classical could be equally fitting. Tonight they’re playing barely audible American crooners but it’s 6.30 and the music pales before the panorama of the now fast-deepening sunset . . . [More]

Spalding and me
(Remembering Spalding Gray)


Spalding Gray, c.1988. Photo: © Ken Regan/Camera 5

Before I really knew who he was I saw Gray perform at the 1986 Adelaide Festival. My first monologue experience was Sex and Death to Age 14, and then I went back to as many as I could get tickets for — four others I think, including Swimming to Cambodia parts one and two and probably Booze, Cars and College Girls, as well as Interviewing the Audience. Like thousands before me, I was an immediate fan and wanted more . . .  [More]

4 thoughts on “[Short stories]

  1. Thanks Ian. What a great read! I think Spalding and me is beautiful writing and I could really feel myself there too as well. They were interesting times and you have captured the zeitgeist of our coming of age!

  2. Ian… I remember that we saw one of his shows in ’86…. I think it was Swimming to Cambodia…. can’t remember much about it but I did like it at the time… he was impressive, the performance was very enjoyable and I also remember that the monologue approach to performance reminded me of Steve Berkof’s verse play “East” which was performed 10 years early in 1976… they both left indelible impressions…. not so much the detail but the vibe… its the vibe you carry with you of an experience more so than the story… I sort of remember that we thought the 86 festival was good all round… maybe because we could afford to go to a few events… as I think we had an artist card… something they stopped in the next festival… haha

    • Roger, I agree with you . . . and yes, I have a memory of both the ’84 (D’s first year in Adelaide) and ’86 Festivals being strong ones, particularly 86 . . . and trying to go to as much as was physically possible! (I remember people talking about Berkof’s ‘East’. . .)

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