‘Forces of Resilience: Helmets for World War IV’

Above: Images from ‘Craft Arts’ magazine, Ian Were’s ‘Helmets for World War VI’, no.3, June/July 1985, pp.22-25. 

Forces of Resilience, a  three-person exhibition with Ian Were, Mark Thompson and Marcus Champ, was part of the 1984 Adelaide Festival, shown at the JamFactory in March of that year. One section of this exhibition was Ian Were’s series of headgear, Helmets for World War IV.
Here you can view two videos made at the time by ADS Channel 7 (4m 38s) and ABC Television, Adelaide (1m 11s).
© The artists and ADS7 and ABCTV, Adelaide.

Here’s another Helmets for World War IV video made in Ian Were’s Adelaide studio and produced in 1984 by Winnie Pelz, who was then Director of the JamFactory (2m 17s).
Helmets for World War IV were exhibited at San Diego State University, California in 1983 and was part of Forces of Resilience at the 1984 Adelaide Festival, shown at the Jam Factory. © Ian Were

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