This article, ‘Helmets for World War IV’, was first published in Craft Arts magazine, No.3, June-August 1985; © Craft Arts and author.

Exhibited as part of an installation at the JamFactory during the 1984 Adelaide Festival of Art, Ian Were’s satirical creations attracted critical acclaim and public amazement. In this article, he talks about the development of his work.

D and Bill, ‘Helmets for World War IV’, San Diego, 1982.

‘Post Star Wars Crafting’, Lynn Collins in Craft Australia magazine, Spring 1985, No.3
A post World War III scenario was the theme for a series of helmets enameller Ian Were produced, beginning in 1982, that were part of the exhibition Forces of Resilience held at the JamFactory during the 1984 Adelaide Festival. Here, painter Lynn Collins is in conversation with Were.  [More]


‘Craft Arts’ magazine, June/August, 1985, p.22.

Forces of Resilience
Forces of Resilience, a  three-person exhibition with Ian Were, Mark Thompson and Marcus Champ, was part of the 1984 Adelaide Festival, shown at the Jam Factory in March of that year. One section of this exhibition was Ian Were’s series of headgear, Helmets for World War IV. Here you can view two videos made at the time by ADS Channel 7 (4m 38s) and ABC Television, Adelaide (1m 11s).


Grayson Perry (aka Claire) with his award winning art at the 2003 Turner Prize, London.

Craft  + design. What’s in a  name? (Art Monthly, July 2004)
Words get you into trouble. They’re complex, potent and changing. Sometimes they take your breath away. We’re frequently saying: ‘Well I didn’t mean it that way’, or ‘Let me try and explain . . .’   [More]

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