Others say

[Others say]

V2 Lindy_Johnson_Profile_A‘Ian Were is one of Australia’s most experienced and thoughtful visual arts and design writers.’
Lindy Johnson, Creative Agent for the Architecture and Design Industry, 2013

images‘Ian Were is a great writer and editor specialising in the visual arts. I greatly enjoyed working with him at Object . . . and was delighted that he agreed to write a catalogue essay for JamFactory’s 40th anniversary publication.’
Brian Parkes, Chief Executive Officer, JamFactory, Adelaide, 2013

janis-jefferies (3)‘Ian Were writes lively and engaging material about the arts including visual arts, design and architecture.’
Janis Jefferies, Professor of Visual Arts, Goldsmiths College Digital Studios, London, 2013 www.gold.ac.uk/computing/staff/j-jefferies/

untitled 3‘Ian is one of the most experienced and talented art and design writers in Australia. He is such a pleasure to work with.’
Antonia Syme, Director, Australian Tapestry Workshop, South Melbourne, 2013

john boland v2‘I love the article [titled ‘Spalding and me’]. I thank you for it. Just in time for the tenth anniversary [of Gray’s death].’
John Boland, author and Web-manager for the Estate of Spalding Gray, 2014.

mp0610_edi_001Object was ‘probably the most substantial, diverse and entertaining magazine right across the visual arts’.
Benjamin Genocchio, (then) art critic for The Australian, c.2000

172984-alison-carroll‘We had a champion at DFAT in Neil Manton and, at the [Australia] Council, in Ian Were. They in turn got support from their superiors. We owe a lot for their trust in our promises of what we could do.’
Alison Carroll, Asialink Arts: Through the looking glass, 2012

V2 images‘Congratulations on your contribution to the new style and content of Artlines . . . it will further enhance the Gallery’s reputation for quality publishing.’
Wayne Goss, (then) Chairman, Board of Trustees, Queensland Art Gallery, 2005

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