On the Origin of Art, MONA

On the Origin of Art, MONA, Hobart, 5 November 2016 to 17 April 2017

‘I’ve wanted to know what art is for some time. I’ve made some progress. For example, I’m pretty sure it isn’t a cultural phenomenon, despite what postmodernist theoreticians might have me believe. And I’m pretty sure it’s universal – both Foreigner [I Want to Know What Love Is] and Madonna make art. I did too, when I drew in the sand as a child . . . There are some people who have insight into what art is, but they aren’t artists . . . Though they may make great things, they make specific things. They also make them without reference to their motives – they may say things like “I want to create beauty”, or, ” I want to know what love is”, but they don’t say “I’m compelled by my biological history to seek mates, and painting pretty pictures helps” . . . David Walsh                                                                                        [More]



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